• Sergej Jensen, Portrait Dr., (detail) 2005, gouache on linen, 29 1/2 x 23 5/8".

    Serjei Jensen

    Aspen Art Museum
    637 East Hyman
    July 30–October 10

    Curated by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson

    Made via drawn-out processes, such as collaging, sewing, and knitting, and equally laborious applications of pigment, diamond dust, and bleach, Sergej Jensen’s quietly radical paintings seem inextricable from their delicate textile supports. Moving beyond pure formal experiment, the Berlin-based artist has utilized symbolically charged offcuts—from burlap money bags, for example, or from previous works—that point to his paintings’ own movement through circuits of material and economic exchange. This exhibition—organized in collaboration with Kunst-Werke Berlin, where it premiered last May—has been significantly expanded for the artist’s solo debut in a US institution. Seen together, the twenty-five-odd paintings, many of them rarely exhibited, should reveal the conceptual heft behind Jensen's signature shabby chic.