Hank Willis Thomas, It’s the Real Thing!, 1978/2006, LightJet print, 59 1/2 x 51 1/2".

New York

Greater New York

22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
May 23–October 20, 2010

Curated by Klaus Biesenbach, Connie Butler, and Neville Wakefield

The third installment of “Greater New York”—P.S. 1’s quintennial state-of-the-city address—showcases new work, including a number of site-specific projects and performances, by seventy-plus emerging artists based around the five boroughs. Participants—the expansive list features Amy Yao, Hank Willis Thomas, and Xaviera Simmons—were chosen in part via the institution’s new Studio Visit website, thus saving the curatorial team a trek around a thousand-odd actual workspaces. One gallery will be dedicated to a best-of review of Big Apple culture from the past half decade, with entries suggested by a cadre of curators and critics, while a “rotating gallery” will be commandeered by a different local curator every five weeks (four rotations in all). Such a dispersed curatorial effort promises, if nothing else, a markedly democratic take on the metropolitan scene.