• Gabriel Kuri, Untitled (Jamais), 2006, ticket stubs on vintage magazine page, 10 1/4 x 10".

    Gabriel Kuri: Nobody Needs to Know the Price of Your Saab

    Institute of Contemporary Art

    February 3–July 4

    Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston
    120 Fine Arts Building
    August 28–November 12

    Curated by Claudia Schmuckli

    With sculptures, tapestries, and collages made over the past twelve years, Gabriel Kuri’s first solo exhibition in the United States puts on view his explorations of the circulation of objects within global flows of information, labor, and capital. First gaining recognition in Mexico City around the turn of the millennium and currently working there and in Brussels, Kuri is best known for a series begun in 2003 for which he had supermarket receipts handwoven by artisans from Guadalajara, combining the incidental and throwaway with the meticulously handcrafted. Typifying the artist’s unexpected combinations of high and low, a sequence of more recent works features marble slabs topped with everyday items such as parking tickets, banknotes, aluminum cans, and courtesy soaps from hotels. Travels to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Feb. 3–July 4, 2011.