• Arnulf Rainer, Spuren, 1973, oil on cardboard, 29 x 40".

    Arnulf Rainer: The Overpainter

    Alte Pinakothek
    Barer Straße 27
    June 10–September 5

    Curated by Corinna Thierolf

    Calling himself TRRR—an onomatopoeic dog’s growl instead of a proper name—Rainer began his career with a contradictory burst of aggression and self-effacement, and it was to drive his lifelong engagement with the graphic gesture. His early-1950s automatist “Blind Paintings” (executed with eyes closed) and “atomizations” (particulate, textured woven tableaux) segued into ruffian “overpaintings” that defaced extant images (including self-portraits) into monochromes, affirming his bravura hand while obliterating his person. This focused survey of some 150 paintings and works on paper, occasioned by Rainer’s eightieth birthday, will doubtless capture his extreme swings through tachism, art informel, and Viennese Actionism; it will also include new paintings responding to the museum’s old-masters collection. The catalogue brings together essays by curator Thierolf and Barbara Catoir with a selection of Rainer’s writings—evincing the longevity of the artist’s bite.