• Maria Lassnig, Maria Lassnig Kantate, 1992, still from a color video, 37 minutes, 50 seconds.

    The Dissolve

    SITE Santa Fe
    1606 Paseo de Peralta
    June 20–January 2

    Curated by Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco

    Embracing the projected image as the preeminent biennial art, the eighth edition of the SITE Santa Fe Biennial claims that animation embodies the new century’s defining sensibility, while the show’s title—“The Dissolve”—evokes the release of the static image into fluid motion and the meld of techniques used to produce that visual effect. Examples of stop-motion works from as early as 1900 accompany pieces by twenty-seven living artists and groups—including Robert Breer, Paul Chan, Maria Lassnig, Rob Pruitt, Robin Rhode, and Cindy Sherman—plus new commissions from Bill T. Jones, working with the OpenEnded Group, and Mary Reid Kelley, in this survey of practices merging the handmade and the homespun with moving-image technologies both antiquated and cutting-edge. The catalogue features essays by the curators and Nancy Mowll Mathews, an artists’ roundtable, and a time line tracking animation’s development.