• Frances Stark, Oh God I'm So Embarrassed, 2007, collage on paper, 81 x 52 1/2".

    Frances Stark

    MIT List Visual Arts Center
    20 Ames Street E15
    October 22, 2010–January 2, 2011

    Curated by João Ribas

    The title of Frances Stark’s first US museum survey, “This could become a gimick [sic] or an honest articulation of the workings of the mind,” not only confirms the Los Angeles–based artist’s ongoing investment in language but also gamely foregrounds the self-critical deliberation that frequently emerges as the subject of her work. Comprising more than fifty works made between 1992 and the present, this exhibition will highlight the full range of Stark’s nimble practice— elegant works on paper incorporating found text (from Emily Dickinson’s to Robert Musil’s), collages repurposing junk mail (including gallery postcards),and a PowerPoint piece (Structures That Fit My Opening and Other Parts Considered in Relation to Their Whole, 2006) that uses the drily corporate format to unexpectedly moving effect by addressing the everyday convolutions of raising a child and teaching while attending to the difficulties of making art in fleeting moments.