• Rebecca Warren, The Main Feeling, 2009, painted bronze, 114 X 30 X 28".

    Rebecca Warren

    The Art Institute of Chicago
    111 South Michigan Avenue
    October 3, 2010–April 3, 2011

    Curated by James Rondeau

    Rebecca Warren’s first solo exhibition in an American museum will feature all new work, including wall-mounted vitrines that assemble miscellany and detritus from her studio, as well as floor sculptures—bulbous figures of bronze and clay whose anatomical mishmashes use humor and hyperbole to undercut the pieties of their macho modernist ancestors. While much of the exhibition is to take place at the Renaissance Society, a second component, at the Art Institute of Chicago, will comprise three site-specific works to be installed outdoors on a terrace above the new Renzo Piano–designed Modern Wing of the museum. Warren’s attentions have recently turned toward the monumental, and these latest totems of bronze, all bulge and swagger, promise to hold their own against the rectilinear behemoths of the country’s tallest skyline.

    A component of this exhibition, curated by Susanne Ghez, will be on view at the Renaissance Society through December 12, 2010. To read Rebecca Warren’s 500 Words on her show, click here.