• Manfred Pernice, Sonderausstellung: Wishy-washy, 2009, wood and paint.

    Manfred Pernice

    Dundee Contemporary Arts
    152 Nethergate
    March 1–May 1, 2011


    September 1–November 1, 2011

    Modern Art Oxford
    30 Pembroke Street
    October 1–November 21, 2010

    Curated by Michael Stanley

    Constructed of common building materials such as Masonite, concrete, and particleboard, Manfred Pernice’s unfussy sculptural objects resemble maquettes—stand-ins for vacated plinths or scaled-down socialist housing projects. Grouped together, often with video, photographs, and found objects, these works further suggest urban sprawl and allude to the unfulfilled utopian promise of modernity. For his first major exhibition in the UK, the German artist is shifting focus inward—toward furniture, food packaging, and other dross of contemporary domestic interiority. Employing his recent concept of Sonderausstellung, or “special exhibition,” Pernice has crafted a large vessel to house five smaller works made during the past three years. When the show travels to Dundee Contemporary Arts, UK, this spring, the structure will be reconfigured, as it will for its final iteration at SMAK in Ghent, Belgium, next fall.