• Nam June Paik, Mercury (detail), 1991, twelve monitors, two-channel video, neon. Photo: Sascha Dressler.

    Nam June Paik

    Museum Kunstpalast
    Ehrenhof 4-5
    September 11–November 21, 2010

    Tate Liverpool
    Albert Dock
    December 17, 2010–March 13, 2011

    Curated by Susanne Rennert and Sook-Kyung Lee

    The most lauded of the video artists who began working in the medium at the very moment it emerged, Nam June Paik continues to fascinate us—or so his long string of recent retrospectives would suggest. This exhibition is distinguished by its focus on Paik’s time in Germany, from his early years as a student of Stockhausen’s in the 1950s to his time teaching at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the ’90s. Staging the German debut of several pieces, among some thirty in all, including a laser-cone installation from 1998 and eight different TV Buddhas of varying dates, the show (part of the city’s second art Quadriennale) gives special attention to Paik’s work with Charlotte Moorman, George Maciunas, and Joseph Beuys, collaborations further examined in the accompanying catalogue.

    Travels to Tate Liverpool, Dec. 17, 2010–Mar. 13, 2011.