• Michael Auder, Narcolepsy, 2010, still from a color film, 22 minutes 30 seconds.

    Michel Auder

    Lunds konsthall
    Mårtenstorget 3
    September 18–November 14, 2010

    Curated by Anders Kreuger and Åsa Nacking

    A video pioneer, Michel Auder has for nearly forty years employed low-end cameras to record his daily life in both its intimate and public aspects. His eye is drawn to faces on the verge of anguish and ecstasy, the natural world at its most savage, spectacular events as they are reduced to barely legible television transmissions. Encompassing more than a personal history, his body of work also reflects the development of video technology and the demimonde dubbed “downtown.” Culled from thousands of hours of video taken over the past four decades, the works here have been edited into twenty single-channel shorts, multiscreen installations, and feature length movies. The latest pieces, largely shot on mobile phones but edited with sophisticated technology, are exceptional in their combination of fluidity and precision—the most fully realized work of his career.