• Elad Lassry, Eggs, 2010, color photograph, 14 1/2 x 11 1/2".

    Elad Lassry: Sum of Limited Views

    Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
    3750 Washington Blvd.
    September 10, 2010–January 2, 2011

    Curated by Anthony Huberman and Laura Fried

    The focus in Elad Lassry’s sneaky, beautifully nuanced photographs is not really on what is there—nor quite, somehow, on what is not—but rather on a delicately poised conceptual space, concocted by the artist, where the conditions of there and not there become uncannily difficult to tease apart. Whether détourning found imagery with collage, shooting straight-faced still lifes in which inexplicable artifacts such as cosmetics, ceramic knickknacks, and tropical fruits are balanced on plinths in supersaturated color environments, or exploring the poetic potential of operator error via multiply exposed, purposefully blurred portraits, Lassry has a precocious talent for conjuring disquiet from completely unexpected material. This exhibition, the most comprehensive museum show yet for the young Tel Aviv–born, LA-based artist, will also include a number of his memorable 16-mm films.