Anselm Reyle, Untitled, 2008, neon, cables, chains, dimensions variable.

Des Moines

Anselm Reyle

Des Moines Art Center
4700 Grand Avenue
January 28–April 17

Curated by Jeff Fleming

For his first solo museum exhibition in the US, Berlin-based artist Anselm Reyle will show a dozen works from the past few years, continuing his characteristic subversion (not to say kitschification) of the tropes and materials of modernist formalism. Typically big, shiny, bright, and lavishly produced, Reyle’s work— which Roberta Smith once dubbed “exceptional high-end lobby art”—here finds a provisional home in the museum. Comprising abstract stripe paintings, aluminum cast works, bronze sculptures, a site-specific neon installation, an LED wall piece, and a portrait of a forlorn Yorkshire terrier, the exhibition (which is accompanied by a catalogue featuring an interview with Reyle by Jeff Koons and an essay penned by Jeff Fleming) promises a serious and timely treatment of consummately bad taste.