Ewa Partum, Samoidentyfikacja (Self-Identification) (detail), 1980, black-and-white photocollage on paper, eight parts, each 59 x 79 7/8". From “Three Women.”


Three Women

Zachęta National Gallery of Art
Pl. Małachowskiego 3
February 22 - May 8

Curated by Ewa Toniak

Despite their different backgrounds and heterogenous, multilayered oeuvres, Polish artists Maria Pinińska-Bereś, Natalia LL (Lach-Lachowicz), and Ewa Partum were grouped together from the 1960s through the ’90s by critics who discussed them in terms of their works’ common feminist agency. In this show, titled after a work by Pinińska-Bereś (who passed away in 1999), selections from each artist’s primary medium—sculpture, photography, and text/language, respectively—as well as documentation of ephemeral actions, will offer a broad view of the three practices following art historian Marsha Meskimmon’s process-related concept of feminism. Meanwhile, a rich catalogue promises to provoke reflection on what, in the 1970s, we called feminism, and how this term might operate today.