• John McCracken, Mandrake, 1989, polyester resin, fiberglass, plywood, 93 1/8 x 19 1/8 x 22 3/8.

    John McCracken

    Castello di Rivoli
    Piazza Mafalda di Savoia
    February 22–June 19

    Curated by Andrea Bellini

    John McCracken occupies a distinctive place in the Minimal field. While his sculptures of portals and pyramids and his justly celebrated planks (begun in 1966) betray a fascination with architectural forms shared by other Minimalists, the SoCal artist, unlike his peers, fabricated the great majority of his fiberglass and polyester resin works himself, by hand, and his kitschy Mandala paintings of the 1970s evoke the acid culture of Haight-Ashbury far more than the arid ambience of the white cube. Complemented by a comprehensive catalogue with contributions by the artist, the curator, John Armleder, Daniel Baumann, and Marianna Vecellio, this retrospective will offer more than fifty works from the past forty-eight years.