Cornelia Parker, Silhouette of Shortlisted Candidate, 2011, color photograph.


Folkestone Triennial

Various Venues

June 25 - September 25

Curated by Andrea Schlieker

When the Folkestone’s inaugural curator, Andrea Schlieker, announced in 2008 that this extensive exhibition of artworks would become a triennial, the proposition might have been taken as speculative. Yet three years later, Schlieker, remaining the project’s driving curatorial force, has organized an intriguing program of commissions by nearly twenty artists from Egypt, Guyana, India, and the UK (including Tonico Lemos Auad, Latifa Echakhch, and Zineb Sedira, as well as locals Hamish Fulton and the collective Strange Cargo) to be presented at multifarious locations throughout this southern English town. The exhibition’s title, “A Million Miles from Home,” acknowledges Folkestone—sited where the Channel Tunnel meets the UK—as a geographically and historically significant point of exchange and suggests that the work on view will explore the legacies of colonialism and related themes of transience, exile, language, and place.