Marisa Merz, Untitled, 2008, mixed media on panel, brass, painted clay, 110 1/5 x 92 1/5 x 4 3/10"


“Marisa Merz: It Doesn't Match, Yet It Flourishes”

Fondazione Merz
Via Limone, 24
June 26 - June 1

Fondazione Querini Stampalia
Sestiere Castello, 5252
June 1 - September 18

Curated by Chiara Bertola

Marisa Merz is one of the subtlest, most elusive artists affiliated with Arte Povera. This long-overdue survey promises not only to shed light on her quietly and consistently impressive body of work from the 1960s through the present but also to install it within the singular context of the Querini Stampalia’s collection of Venetian art and artifacts and the high-modernist architectural interventions of Carlo Scarpa. This schizoid setting will serve as the backdrop for different facets of Merz’s multifarious practice: her works exploring the contingency and transformative potential of materials such as copper, wax, and water; her sculptures that skewer tropes of feminine craft, using woven nylon or copper thread constructions to embrace the interpenetration of private and public realms; and her recent stylized drawings and clay studies of heads.