• Dario Robleto, Candles Un-burn, Suns Un-shines, Death Un-dies (detail), 2011 wallpaper composed of stage light images taken from the covers of live performance albums by now deceased musicians, 10' x 21' 6".

    “Dario Robleto: Survival Does Not Lie in the Heavens”

    Des Moines Art Center
    4700 Grand Avenue
    September 23, 2011–January 15, 2012

    Curated by Gilbert Vicario

    Known for redeploying obsolete technologies and precious artifacts in his elaborate sculptures and collages, Dario Robleto will reach far beyond the human memory bank in his upcoming show to address the extinction of various flora and fauna in global ice melts and other prehistoric natural disasters. “Survival Does Not Lie in the Heavens” will feature thirteen works (all completed within the past four years) that use Robleto’s signature stretched audiotape and relics as varied as dinosaur fossils, volcanic ash, and a million-year-old raindrop as sculptural material. In Robleto’s work, sound recordings and pop music often function as emotionally charged time capsules. Here, the combination of recently past and distantly imagined histories will add a sense of the immensity of time to the poignant tug of private longings. Expect to be moved by the allegorical power of Robleto’s newest work made with old things.