• An-My Lê, Small Wars: Explosion, 1999–2002, gelatin silver print, 26 x 37 1/2".

    Prospect.2 New Orleans

    Various Venues

    October 22–January 29

    Curated by Dan Cameron

    Though widely praised as a curatorial success, Prospect.1 New Orleans—the sprawling, eighty-artist biennial conceived by Dan Cameron in 2008 for a city still struggling in the long shadow of Hurricane Katrina—ended up an administrative nightmare, leaving its organizers deep in debt and its future uncertain. After a (literal) half measure in 2010 (the cheekily named Prospect.1.5), Cameron’s exhibition makes a return this autumn, in a full if more manageable incarnation, with nearly thirty international artists. Accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, the show—which will feature recent and newly produced works by familiar names (Sophie Calle, Nick Cave, Nicole Eisenman, An-My Lê) and local notables (Bruce Davenport Jr., Dawn DeDeaux, Dan Tague) installed in institutions and public spaces across greater NOLA—kicks off with weekend festivities including performances by R. Luke DuBois, Joyce J. Scott, and William Pope.L.