• Lee Bul, After Bruno Taut (Beware the sweetness of things) (from the Series “Mon Grand Récit”), 2007, crystal, glass, and acrylic beads, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, PVC, 101 5/8 x 78 3/4 x 98 3/4”.

    “Chantal Akerman: Too far, too close”

    Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (M HKA)
    Leuvenstraat 32
    February 10–June 10, 2012

    Curated by Dieter Roelstraete

    Though museums have long given Akerman pride of place in their cinema spaces, this is, remarkably, the pioneering artist’s first proper retrospective in Europe. Showcasing the filmmaker’s deft interweaving of the formal with the biographical, and her prescient merging of film and video with installation, the exhibition surveys a career of more than forty years, beginning with Saute ma ville (Blow Up My Town), 1968, among her other early 16-mm experimental films (all of them, regrettably, to be shown on DVD), and concluding with the immersive, four-channel installation Maniac Summer, 2009. Akerman’s concerns with narrative and the relationship between the textual and the visual, the fictive and the documentary, are to be mirrored in the show’s design, which promises an innovative display of materials selected from the artist’s archive. Accompanied by a weighty catalogue, “Too Far, Too Close” should be a rigorous reassessment of an artist whose work hinges on the liminal.