• Rehearsal for “Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy.”

    Rehearsal for “Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy.”

    “Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy”

    Fundació Antoni Tàpies
    Aragó 255
    February 24–April 22, 2012

    Curated by Laurence Rassel

    A retrospective is basically a midlife crisis, one that devolves on the stomach-churning question “What have I done?” The situation is especially dour when you’ve spent the past twenty years making works for the stage, not for museal quantification. Xavier Le Roy responds to the problem by making the problem—this idea of the “retrospective”—itself another work. Those familiar with the French dance artist’s witty and self-revising oeuvre won’t be surprised: If his live works illuminate the conditions and limits of dance, etc., how better to respond to the dead theatrics of the modernist exhibition format than with a reevaluation of the conditions and limits of the modernist exhibition format? Most everything associated with his watershed performances will be offered up, alongside groups of performing artists who will use Le Roy’s work as material to continually develop their own “retrospectives.” I call this progress.