• Pierre Bonnard, Grande Salle à manger sur le jardin (Large Dining Room on the Garden), 1934-35, oil on canvas, 49 7/8 x 53 1/4”.

    Pierre Bonnard

    Fondation Beyeler
    Baselstrasse 101
    January 29–May 13

    Curated by Ulf Küster

    Pierre Bonnard (1867–1947) created on canvas, in small, impressionistic strokes, a world far more colorful than gray. Facets of his life and intimate surroundings—his house, his garden, his urban environment—emerge from his brush with a singularity, vivacity, and intensity belying their ordinariness. This exhibition organizes the prolific painter’s output by sites depicted, allowing us to accompany him in a grand tour through his maison imaginaire: Across more than sixty paintings, viewers pass from street to garden to dining room before, perhaps most unexpectedly, happening upon the artist’s wife, relaxing in a tub. A comprehensive scholarly catalogue accompanies the show, with contributions by Evelyn Benesch, Andreas Beyer, Marina Ferretti Bocquillon, Michiko Kono, Beate Söntgen, and Küster.