Hans-Peter Feldmann

Serpentine Galleries
Kensington Gardens
April 11–June 3

Curated by Helena Tatay with Julia Peyton-Jones, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Kathryn Rattee

In 1972, as Hans-Peter Feldmann’s work first garnered international attention at Documenta 5, Avalanche asked the German artist a series of questions.
In response, the magazine received nothing but photographs. For example, in reply to “What do you consider one of the most important aspects of your work?” they received a picture of a weary, dreary ’50s crowd passing a billboard beauty. The interview was never published in Avalanche, but such refusal of the verbal evidences the uncompromising commitment to the visual that, since the 1960s, Feldmann has consistently applied to his collections-cum-artworks. His resulting signature elusiveness—motifs suspended between monotonous, irrelevant banality and scientifically insightful taxonomy—will be fully aired in this show. Expect a wide range of photos, sculptures, and installations dating from the late 1960s to the present.