• “Andy Coolquitt: Attainable Excellence”

    Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston
    4173 Elgin Street
    April 28–September 23, 2012

    Curated by Rachel Hooper

    Andy Coolquitt’s minimalist sculptures evade the genre’s usual standoffishness. Behaving less like severe, reticent objects and more like casual acquaintances, they slouch, lean, point, or congregate. They’re made of scavenged consumer detritus—broom handles, lighters, pails, drinking straws, old lamps—that bear traces of human (ab)use. Between the objects’ anthropo­morphism and the familiarity of the materials, it’s tempting to imagine this exhibition—the artist’s first institutional survey—as a family reunion. Though the sixty works slated for inclusion were made in the past several years, Coolquitt came of age as an artist during the 1990s, and one expects that the authors of the catalogue will situate the artist’s work within the relational and scatter-art traditions that emerged that decade.