• Lourdes Castro, Echium Nervosum, 1972, heliograph, 20 x 16”.

    Lourdes Castro, Echium Nervosum, 1972, heliograph, 20 x 16”.

    “Le Silence. Une Fiction”

    Nouveau Musée National de Monaco | Villa Paloma
    56 boulevard du Jardin Exotique
    February 2–April 3, 2012

    Curated by Simone Menegoi and Cristiano Raimondi

    At last, curators are admitting that their concepts are artifices, frameworks for imposing specific readings on multivalent works of art. How else to explain the recent flurry of exhibitions themed—with sweet-natured playfulness—around fictions? Sci-fi, that most imaginative of modes, has been particularly popular, and in this show, the backstory involves an uninhabitable planet (our own, of course) and a failed attempt by its tenants to colonize another one. What supposedly remains of the extinct civilization is seen here: sixty-some artworks-as-artifacts (made between 1962 and the present) arranged in museological fashion, from Hiroshi Sugimoto’s exquisite photographic blurrings of modernist architecture to Michael E. Smith’s assemblages of Detroit-gleaned junk. Just a story, obviously, though the apocalyptic air is likely to feel familiar right now. The catalogue includes texts by the NMNM’s Marie-Claude Beaud and Raimondi, as well as Menegoi, and a sci-fi short story by critic Chris Sharp.