Zarina Bhimji, Your Sadness is Drunk, 2001-2006, color photograph, 50 x 63”.


Zarina Bhimji

Whitechapel Gallery
77 - 82 Whitechapel High Street
January 19–March 9, 2011

Curated by Achim Borchardt-Hume

Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2007, filmmaker, photographer, and installation artist Zarina Bhimji nevertheless remains a hazily contoured creative presence. That’s perhaps due to the delicacy of her work, which dusts for traces of human occupation in landscape and architecture: Her film of a verdant Ugandan vista, Out of the Blue, 2002, for example, countersigns its imagery with the nondiegetic sounds of voices and crackling fire, hitching together the story of Idi Amin’s 1972 expulsion of his country’s Asian citizens—the artist among them—and the tradition of British landscape painting. Bhimji’s first, overdue UK survey show spans the continuum from 1980s installations, large-scale Polaroids, and light boxes to her new, India-based film Yellow Patch, 2011. The catalogue features an interview with Bhimji by Borchardt-Hume and an essay by T. J. Demos.