• Minouk Lim, The Weight of Hands, 2010, still from a color video, 13 minutes 50 seconds.

    “Minouk Lim: Heat of Shadows”

    Walker Art Center
    725 Vineland Place
    May 31–September 2, 2012

    Curated by Clara Kim

    This first US museum survey of work by Minouk Lim will offer signal examples of the acclaimed Korean artist’s video, sculpture, and performance work from the past seven years. Practicing what she calls “performance documentary theater,” Lim stages actions at specific sites, contesting globalist fantasies of unmoored place and repurposing the control technologies of urban modernity. The multichannel S.O.S.—Adoptive Dissensus, 2009, filmed from a Han River tourist boat, shuttles between footage of bankside spectacles and an audio broadcast on inequitable economic development; in The Weight of Hands, 2010, an infrared camera tracks people trespassing onto construction sites, their spectral images laying claim to prohibited spaces. The Walker’s forthcoming show includes a multilevel viewing structure designed to create an immersive environment, a theme elaborated by new totemic, “wearable” sculptures—made from thermofoam, cuttlefish bone, and other materials—which will double as costumes for Lim and choreographer Emily Johnson in a performance to premiere on opening night.