“Tino Sehgal 2012”

Tate Modern
July 24–October 28

Curated by Jessica Morgan and produced by Asad Raza

Writing a “preview” of a Tino Sehgal show is like telling a soothsayer’s fortune. What can you say in advance of a work that only exists as a contemporaneous situation, and that, furthermore, is entangled in an apparatus (the Tate Modern’s spectacular, annual Unilever Series in the Turbine Hall) that embargoes any pertinent preproduction details? Given that Sehgal often targets the art world’s ecosystem, this critic begins to feel that his own convoluted divagations are anticipated, nay, encouraged—complicit with a dialectical conspiracy that intensifies with each attempt at escape. All according to script. Anyway, I hazard that the work will involve nonprofessional actors who will “interpret” a set of instructions that will at once miff and seduce. Also, the exhibition is Sehgal’s first-ever commission and overlaps with London’s Cultural Olympiad, both facts that may or may not be relevant to the piece. Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.