• “Fang Lijun: The Precipice Over the Clouds”

    GAM - Galleria
    via Magenta, 31
    June 22–September 30, 2012

    Curated by Danilo Eccher and Fan Di’an

    Few names are as synonymous with Chinese art of the 1990s as that of Fang Lijun, the painter whose bald-headed figures helped launch the so-called Cynical Realism style of that decade. Despite his ubiquity, there have been few serious surveys of his work in Chinese museums. “The Precipice over the Clouds,” organized by GAM director Danilo Eccher with Fan Di’an, director of the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, aims to remedy this, bringing critical attention to the artist’s more recent paintings. This major solo exhibition will feature Fang’s production since 2006, including a new body of work of ambitious scale. The effort is a cooperative venture between the two museums and boasts an ample catalogue. Travels to the National Art Museum of China, Beijing, spring 2013.