• George Bellows, Both Members of This Club, 1909, oil on canvas, 45 1/4 x 63"

    George Bellows

    National Gallery of Art
    Sixth Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
    June 10–October 8, 2012

    Curated by Charles Brock

    One of the premier American realists of the early twentieth century, George Bellows gave us, in his relatively short career (he died in 1925 at age forty-two), a host of dynamic images depicting feral boxers, unruly street kids, and the modern metropolis in the making. This full-dress retrospective, the first devoted to Bellows’s work in more than thirty years, promises to expand our understanding of the artist’s repertoire. Of particular interest among the 130 paintings, drawings, and lithographs to go on view is an array of his lesser-known pictorial responses to World War I. Viewers will be able to decide for themselves whether Bellows’s increasingly mannered rendering was adequate to the task of representing the horrors of modern warfare. The accompanying catalogue will feature contributions by the curator and eleven other scholars.