Lucile Desamory, ABRACADABRA, 2012, digital photograph. In collaboration with Lucy McKenzie.


“A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance”

Tate Modern
November 14–April 1

Curated by Catherine Wood with Fiontán Moran

Taking its title from David Hockney’s iconic 1967 painting of a California swimming pool, “A Bigger Splash” will attempt to map the expanded field of painting-as-performance since Jackson Pollock. The show’s roster of more than forty artists working across a range of media casts a wide net both generationally and geographically, embracing, among others, Italian Situationist Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio, Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga, Soviet-era Slovenian collective IRWIN, and the New York–based Ei Arakawa. There’s a risk that such a survey will wind up muddying rather than distilling the waters, but what is performance without risk?