• Simon Goiyap, Kwoma people, Mino village, East Sepik River, Papua New Guinea, Haus boi, 2010, natural pigments on pangal and carved garamut with sago leaf thatching, dimensions variable.

    7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

    Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
    Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct, South Bank
    December 8, 2012–April 14, 2013

    Since its first bold steps in 1993, Australia’s Asia Pacific Triennial has become a leading institutional showcase for the art and culture of the region—a designation that will only be reinforced by this seventh iteration, which will feature works by seventy-seven artists and groups from twenty-seven countries across a wide, and ever widening, “Asia Pacific.” Poised to reverse the triennial’s recent tendency toward curatorial centralization, the QAGOMA team will host a variety of special projects, including commissions from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Vietnam, along with work by West Asian artists living as far afield as Turkey, Kazakhstan, and the Middle East. At this point, breadth is assured; aficionados will be looking for depth.