Goldin+Senneby, The Discreet Charm, 2011. Performance view. Gothenburg biennial, 2011. Photo: Dorota Lukianska.



Generali Foundation
Wiedner Hauptstraße 15
September 7–December 16

Curated by Diana Baldon, Ilse Lafer, and Luke Skrebowski

Addressing how artists “participate in and confront contemporary conditions of global production and capital,” this show ventures to frame the contradictions of contemporary art, perhaps even proposing its participants as a fifth column within the status quo. But the art on view here touches on much else besides: Goldin+Senneby’s The Discreet Charm, 2011–12, stages a scale model of the Generali Foundation within a mock-corporate “theater of a magic construction of value,” and Josephine Pryde’s series “Adoption,” 2009, implements the tropes of stock photography to create abject images of babies. The list of roughly twenty artists includes Mary Ellen Carroll, Ricardo Basbaum, and Henrik Olesen, as well as Seth Price and Josef Strau, whose writings on the show’s ostensible subject—particularly Price’s Dispersion, published as a PDF in 2003, and Strau’s reflections on the “non-productive attitude” in 1980s Cologne—should be considered required reading.