New York

Nate Young, Untouched, 2012, digital video, black-and-white, sound, 4 minutes 31 seconds.

New York


The Studio Museum in Harlem
429 West 127th St
November 8, 2012–March 10, 2013

Curated by Lauren Haynes, Naima J. Keith, and Thomas J. Lax

The latest installment of the Studio Museum’s legendary “F” series (which brought us “Freestyle” [2001], “Frequency” [2005–2006], and “Flow” [2008]) promises a wildly heterogeneous installation of works made during the past five years, highlighting twenty-nine emerging artists of African descent including Sadie Barnette, Jamal Cyrus, Noah Davis, Taisha Paggett, and Nate Young. As this exhibition series has been a veritable launchpad for numerous artists to date, “Fore”—taking as its title the heads-up alert to those in the path of a projectile—is sure to get the art world’s attention. Fore can also be a designation of vanguardism, and in the tradition of the game-changing concept of “post-black” introduced by Thelma Golden in the context of “Frequency,” this edition, curated by Lauren Haynes, Naima J. Keith, and Thomas J. Lax, will no doubt establish its own discursive terms, in the space of the show and in the attendant catalogue featuring an essay on each artist.