• Frank Stella, Ostropol III, 1973, mixed media on cardboard, 92 1/8 x 105 1/2 x 16 7/8". Installation view, Gerda Henkel Collection, Düsseldorf, 2012.

    “Frank Stella: The Retrospective, Works 1958–2012”

    Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
    Hollerplatz 1
    September 8, 2012–January 20, 2013

    Curated by Markus Brüderlin and Holger Broeker

    Frank Stella has been producing art tirelessly for more than fifty years now, much of it huge, making it harder and harder for any museum to mount a full retrospective without bursting. (The last attempt was by the Reina Sofía in 1995.) This fact alone makes the exhibition at Wolfsburg worth seeing. Uniting some sixty paintings and reliefs with a generous sampling of works on paper and a handful of models, the show will allow us to grasp the seventy-six-year-old artist whole, to consider his varied inspirations (music, literature, architecture, tools, toys, and of course other paintings), and to question how well the now-familiar minimal-to-maximal narrative really fits this voracious, vital career. Of particular note: The great majority of works are drawn from European (rather than American) collections.