“Textiles: Open Letter”

Museum Abteiberg
Abteistrasse 27
June 23–November 10

Curated by Rike Frank and Grant Watson

Titled after a 1958 tapestry by Anni Albers and inspired by the writings of art historian Aloïs Riegl—who, as a museum curator in Vienna in the late nineteenth century, developed an expertise in Oriental carpets that influenced his approach to the study of other art forms—this exhibition explores the material and media-historical significance of textiles in contemporary art. From Nasreen Mohamedi’s photographs of looms to Rosemarie Trockel’s wool pictures to a participatory floor piece by Cildo Meireles, the show will consider textiles as the product of historically specific cultural techniques and as manifestations of, and potential models for, both art and social relations. Travels to the Generali Foundation, Vienna, May 23–Aug. 31, 2014.