• Ceal Floyer, Drop, 2013, video, color, 11 minutes 18 seconds.

    Ceal Floyer, Drop, 2013, video, color, 11 minutes 18 seconds.

    Ceal Floyer

    MUSEION of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano
    Piazza Piero Siena Platz 1
    February 1–May 4, 2014

    Curated by Letizia Ragaglia

    Ceal Floyer’s works often revolve around fleeting physical phenomena—the sound of footsteps, the movement of a window blind—that hover on the edge of significance. But the infrastructures that deliver these stimuli (projectors, speaker systems, turntables, and other common devices) serves as a constant reminder that in fact the given gesture or sensation exists concretely within our environment. Such an approach is foundational to Floyer’s practice, as is her use of words not as abstract vehicles of meaning but as material: For example, the artist replaced the PUSH/PULL door plates in her studio with ones reading PUSHED/PULLED, thus revealing the ambiguities of language through the actions and reflections of a body in space. This show is poised to address Floyer’s minimal approach via recent pieces in sound, light, and video, as well as new works conceived for Museion’s markedly fluid architecture. Christina Ritchie, Sergio Edelstein, and the curator contribute to the accompanying trilingual catalogue.