Tauba Auerbach, The New Ambidextrous Universe I, 2013, plywood, 3/4 x 96 x 48".


“Tauba Auerbach: The New Ambidextrous Universe”

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
The Mall
April 16–June 15, 2014

Curated by Katharine Stout

While most artists are busy making stuff for us to look at, Tauba Auerbach produces the kinds of perceptual enigmas that make us examine just how we see. Her rigorous, highly formal, but always visually engaging practice migrates across media, including sculpture, painting, photography, weaving, and artist’s books. For this, her first solo museum exhibition in the UK, Auerbach takes her cue from the seminal popular science book after which she’s named this show, pulling materiality through the looking glass to create a new series of large-scale wood floor sculptures, water-jet cut strips arranged to create a disorienting, amorphous puddle of form. Just when art seemingly ceases to be able to challenge us, Auerbach delivers an intricate process of supreme calculus that dances along the line where rational science rubs against irrational effect, with results as mystifying as they are compelling.