• Mike Nelson, Quiver of Arrows (detail), 2010, mixed media, 10' 6" x 36' x 35'.

    Mike Nelson

    The Power Plant
    231 Queens Quay West
    February 1–May 19

    Curated by Julia Paoli

    Mike Nelson evidently can’t forget the Amnesiacs, the biker-gang-esque posse (lacking the chromed hogs) whose mythology he created and who since 1996 have ghosted the artist’s fiction-rich installations. Two recent works included here are linked to that narrative: Gang of Seven, 2013, came from sessions of Canadian beachcombing, and Eighty Circles Through Canada (The Last Possessions of an Orcadian Mountain Man), 2013, includes 35-mm slides shot on jaunts through British Columbia. Quiver of Arrows, 2010, meanwhile, features midcentury Airstream trailers filled with Charlton Heston posters, a Vietnam-vet T-shirt, cowboys-and-Indians toys, and other bric-a-brac. If this exhibition—to be rounded out by a site-specific commission—suggests a hazily jaded view of restless US adventuring away from home turf, plus the Canadian landscape’s potentials, locals probably won’t cavil. Curator Julia Paoli, sociologist Dick Hebdige, and Jenifer Papararo of Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery, will connect the dots in the accompanying catalogue.