• Georges Adéagbo, study for La Naissance de Stockholm...! (The Birth of Stockholm...!) (detail), 2014, commissioned, bought, and found objects, dimensions variable. Photo: Stephan Köhler.

    “Georges Adéagbo: The Birth of Stockholm”

    Moderna Museet | Stockholm
    June 28–September 7

    Curated by Matilda Olof-Ors and Stephan Köhler

    The Beninese artist Georges Adéagbo brings to bear on his work the sensibilities of a sociologist, an archivist, an art dealer and collector, an explorer, an entrepreneur, a storyteller, a philosopher, and, if one could imagine it, a postcolonial Dadaist. The result is his brand of site-specific installation art, in which quirkily arranged text, paintings by other Beninese artists, tourist-quality “African” sculptures, and found objects from local flea markets proliferate in immersive, sensorially taxing environments. In this epically titled solo show, “The Birth of Stockholm,” an antechamber of the artist’s projected handwritten meditations on art and on the Swedish capital and an array of Beninese-made figural sculptures will lead into a room-size—or rather, house-like—installation.