• Larry Sultan, Business Page, 1995, C-print, 30 × 40". From the series “Pictures from Home,”

    “Larry Sultan: Here and Home”

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
    5905 Wilshire Boulevard
    November 9–March 22, 2014

    Curated by Rebecca Morse

    The seductiveness of Larry Sultan’s photographs lies as much in their painterly hues as in the bodies(whether those of porn stars or parents)he scrupulously composed. But scopophilic indulgence alone does not define Sultan’s varied and radical oeuvre: He never shied away from scrutinizing photography’s particular mirage. Evidence (1977), for example, Sultan and fellow Californian Mike Mandel’s photobook compilation of decontextualized images culled from industrial and government archives, is at once explicit and maddeningly ambiguous, eliciting a sense of knowing and not wanting to know. Sultan’s first retrospective, which gathers more than two hundred prints dating from the early ’70s up to the artist’s death in 2009, will showcase practices as fresh (at the time) and conceptually adept as appropriation and institutional critique, and genres as tried and trying as the family portrait. Travels to the Milwaukee Art Museum, Oct. 23, 2015–Jan. 24, 2016.