• “Zhana Ivanova: Ongoing Retrospective (Chapter I)”

    Kunsthalle Basel
    Steinenberg 7
    January 30–February 15, 2015

    Curated by Elena Filipovic

    Until now, I didn’t really know the work of Zhana Ivanova—but it seems that’s sort of the point. And until now, I hadn’t thought much about the way in which now slips into know, a perpetual dialectic of presence and recognition. With “Ongoing Retrospective” (the Bulgarian-born artist’s first institutional solo exhibition and Elena Filipovic’s inaugural gambit at Kunsthalle Basel, where the curator began her directorship this past November), Filipovic asks us to privilege the tenebrous now over the familiar know, to commit to the curious void of an emerging artist’s “retrospective in reverse,” which will unfold over several years. Things we do know: The exhibition will develop in chapters, the first organized around Ivanova’s All the Players, 2013–15, a looped, silent melodrama in précis for three performers. Will the now survive the know? I.e., will the show hold up over the years? Only time will tell.