• Conrad Bakker, Untitled Project: eBay [Ding], [1960s Herman Miller Eames Rosewood Lounge Chair and Ottoman,
    Caramel Leather US $4,300.00]
    , 2014
    , oil on panel, 9 × 12". From “MetaModern.”


    Krannert Art Museum
    500 East Peabody Drive MC-592
    January 30–March 28, 2015

    Curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox

    Midcentury modernism might not be timeless, but it’s certainly current. Photo spreads of the open-plan offices of today’s media companies suggest that nothing says thriving start-up quite like molded-plastic Eames chairs. In the mostly recent sculpture, photography, and video works by the twenty artists in “MetaModern,” the iconic qualities of such high-design objects are highlighted and claims to functionality abandoned. Modes of homage range from William Cordova’s Brancusi-like column of lampshades to Conrad Bakker’s painted copies of photos from modernist furniture eBay listings to Barbara Visser’s postcards of tattered design classics displayed on rotating racks. But the stars of the show are Charles and Ray Eames, making multiple appearances by way of citation in these twenty-first-century riffs on modernist landmarks. Travels to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, AZ, May 30–Aug. 30; Orlando Museum of Art, Sept. 26–Dec. 6; and other venues.