• “Hassan Khan: Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said”

    Domstraße 10
    January 30–April 12, 2015

    Curated by Klaus Görner and Philippe Pirotte

    A crucial tension in Hassan Khan’s heteroclite practice arises from his dual exploration of popular meaning and semiotic inscrutability. Khan’s engagement with everyday social interactions manifests in an aesthetics of recondite things. Recently, shows of his work in Cairo and São Paulo featured mediations of this tension via narrative twists on portraiture: Texts told of men named Mahmoud El Ansari and Marcelo de Andrade, each lost in an ornate melodrama of self-presentation. At the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Khan’s solo exhibition will feature a small selection of pieces new and old, offering a fresh opportunity to assess his work’s power to dissociate—rather than represent—social reality. Expect modular glass sculpture, structuralist video portraits, and a sound composition involving clapping. Never quite indexical, such works keep the human referent at a distance while demanding close identification.