• Xanti Schawinsky

    Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
    Limmatstrasse 270
    February 21–May 17, 2015

    Curated by Raphael Gygax

    As a student at the Bauhaus from 1924 until 1929, Xanti Schawinsky studied theater, but he learned lessons from the school’s other famed workshops as well. In addition to painting, he also staged mechanical mise-en-scènes combining modern dance, jazz, and jarring lighting. Later, while teaching at Black Mountain College in the 1930s, he developed his series of Spectodramas, surreal experiments in total theater. For this, Schawinksy’s first proper retrospective in three decades, curator Raphael Gygax will seek to fit all this activity into a museum, with a display of some 117 objects from every stage of the artist’s career, which also included spells of abstract painting and graphic design. Active until his death in 1979, Schawinsky charted a particular kind of avant-garde practice: He was a multitasker in an age of multimedia.