12th Havana Biennial: “Between the Idea and Experience”

Various Venues

May 22–June 22, 2015

Curated by Jorge Fernández Torres, Margarita González Lorente, et al.

The inaugural Havana Biennial of 1984, which exclusively featured art from Latin America and the Caribbean, was one of the first biennials to concentrate on artists from the so-called Third World. Since then, the Havana Biennial has grown into one of the world’s most significant showcases of contemporary art; not surprisingly, issues such as decolonization and neoliberalism’s effects on the region have been explored in this explicitly political series of exhibitions. While maintaining this tradition of engagement (whose range and rigor remain to be seen, particularly in light of the country’s continued detainment of Cuban political artist Tania Bruguera), the current curatorial team has opted for a more inclusive approach, presenting a strong interdisciplinary overview of various art forms from around the world. This diverse array will permeate the city, as the organizers plan to avoid the static reference point of a main exhibition and the fixed perspective it implies.