• “Vincent Fecteau: You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In”

    Kunsthalle Basel
    Steinenberg 7
    June 18–August 23, 2015

    Curated by Elena Filipovic

    If San Francisco–based artist Vincent Fecteau is known for his meticulous approach to sculptural form, then this exhibition of some twenty pieces spanning the past fifteen years promises to highlight the broader range of his work: its engagement with architectural space, its consistent embrace of a collage aesthetic, and its wicked sense of humor. These qualities are evident in a recent series of diorama-like units—more than a dozen will be on view—that may (helpfully) torpedo the artist’s reputation as a restrained and tasteful abstract sculptor. The new efforts, collaged with brightly colored images from shelter magazines, unabashedly veer toward the decorative. A catalogue, with contributions by Filipovic and the fiercely inventive Bruce Hainley, will no doubt shed further light.