• “Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots”

    Tate Liverpool
    Albert Dock
    June 30–October 18, 2015

    Curated by Gavin Delahunty with Stephanie Straine

    How to proceed after the drip was the question that occupied Jackson Pollock when he completed the core group of his iconic abstractions at the end of 1950. One of his first answers was to render figurative imagery via a novel technique that transformed his signature means into a more delicate pour. While these “black pourings” were initially well received, they fell into near obscurity after Pollock died in 1956, when critical consensus hardened around the priority of his dripped abstractions. “Blind Spots” will bring together more than sixty works, mostly from 1951 to 1953, to shed light on this still relatively unexplored aspect of Pollock’s work. Accompanied by a catalogue featuring contributions by Jo Applin, Michael Fried, and the curators, the show will offer an unprecedented opportunity to survey Pollock’s first attempts to take full stock of what he had done with, and to, painting at the height of his career. Travels to the Dallas Museum of Art, Nov. 15, 2015–Mar. 20, 2016.