• “Dora García: I See Words, I Hear Voices”

    The Power Plant
    231 Queens Quay West
    September 25, 2015–January 4, 2016

    Curated by Chantal Pontbriand

    Outsiders exist outside of what, exactly? For the past two years, Spanish artist Dora García has crisscrossed the globe in pursuit of a response to that question. “I See Words, I Hear Voices” assembles the results. As proved by the show’s seven works—among them, the video The Joycean Society, 2013, which documents a reading group in Zurich as they parse a page from Finnegans Wake word by word, and ESPextrasensory perception (Imposed Words), 2015, which brings a clairvoyant into the gallery to perceive things that others cannot—for García, truth is but a state of mind. The linchpins of the artist’s project (and of the show’s major, four-hundred-page catalogue) are her Mad Marginal Charts, diagrams that translate her ongoing research into Joyce, Freud, Lacan, and Artaud into a series of cryptic wall maps. The more you look, the more you see that it’s not “they” but we who are on the outside.