• “Edgardo Antonio Vigo: Obras 1953–1997”

    Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires (MAMBA)
    Av. San Juan 350
    May 14–September 30, 2016

    Curated by Sofía Dourron and Jimena Ferreiro Pella

    Based in La Plata, outside Buenos Aires, Edgardo Antonio Vigo played a key role in advancing Argentinean art from the 1950s until his death in 1997. Vigo explored a range of approaches, including neo-Dada sculpture, elaborate works on paper, mail art, visual poetry, and street-based actions. This show will feature some 230 objects and works on paper, including excerpts from the artist’s influential publications such as Diagonal cero and Hexágono ’71. A 250-page catalogue will publish elements of Biopsia, Vigo’s career-spanning autobiographical archive, along with essays by the curators and contributions by art historians and scholars Gonzalo Aguilar, Ana Bugnone, Silvia Dolinko, María Amalia García, and Magdalena Pérez Balbi, among others.