• Mohammed Melehi, Untitled, 1971, cellulosic on wood, 43 1/4 × 43 1/4".

    Marrakech Biennale 6: “Not New Now”

    Various Venues
    Marrakech, Morocco
    February 24–May 8

    Curated by Reem Fadda

    The Marrakech Biennale’s first eleven years have been quite a roller-coaster ride. Now the Palestinian curator Reem Fadda, an art historian by training, is stepping in to give the event a sounder structure and a wealth of new ideas. The sixth edition is set to explore the legacies of decolonization and the efforts and failures of the once-grand Pan-Arab and Pan-African projects, as well as the tensions between futurism and nostalgia that often underlie political urgency and civic responsibility. Fadda is organizing a tight exhibition—three venues, fewer than fifty artists, and an inspired show within a show, for which Omar Berrada will activate the archive of the great Moroccan poet and filmmaker Ahmed Bouanani. Also included are works by Melvin Edwards, Noah Purifoy, the Syrian architect Khaled Malas, and painters Mohammed Melehi, Mohamed Chebaa, and Farid Belkahia, of the beloved but still critically underexplored Casablanca Group.